Monday, January 11, 2010

Unboxing a Battlefront 15mm Huey Slick

Hi all. I thought I would post some images of unboxing the best miniatures release of 2009, the Wargames Illustrated/Battlefront 15mm Huey Slick. The first thing you will notice is the excellent packaging. The product presentation is top notch. The box is 100mm x 150mm. It look like a nice box of chocolates. The back of the box says "Designed in New Zealand, Made in Malaysia."

Opening the box you find the usual Battlefront plastic blister set-up. Everything is nicely packed and protected.

Tipping out the contents (and checking all the bits are in there - you all know what I mean) you will find all the above items including two 15mm door gunners, a choice of plastic in flight rotors or metal rotors, a plastic flight stand and a couple of magnets to attach the chopper to the flight stand. The instructions look clear and concise. No decals in the pack. You will note the plastic bits look like they are made of wood. But their not. It's a protective covering over the plastic.

And finally a close up of the door gunners.
Overall a great model. It's really well made. The hull is resin and the little fiddly parts are metal. Detail is superb. 2 thumbs up Battlefront and Wargames Illustrated.
A special message to Dom at Dom Decals. I need 15mm Royal Australian Airforce decals. PLEAAAAAAASE!


yorkie said...

Very nice, ive been considering these too, nice to see one "out of the box".

The model looks really good, bugger, so many projects, so little time......


Anonymous said...

Thanks Paul, nice review of your treasure.

Can't you paint on the markings yourself?


jmilesr said...

You are testing my resolve, sir. I had "decided" to skip the battlefront Vietnam expansion due to time and budget constraints (my wife sets an annual gaming budget, oh the horror). But after seeing one of the Huey's unboxed I'm wavering.

Beccas said...

You can't wait guys. Their a limited edition run. Once their gone, their gone.

Helen, painting RAAF markings in 15mm would be way too tough.


yorkie said...

Hang on, where did you hear that?

Limited edition....

I really will have to get some then...

Beccas said...

Steve, Battlefront have said they will continue as long as people vote with their money. If sales drop off they will disappear.

ArmChairGeneral said...

I was wondering what these guys would look like. Thanks for the review Beccas.