Thursday, December 17, 2009

Games Workshop Goes WWII

The December 2009 issue of Wargames Illustrated contains an interesting little announcement on page 4.

"Warhammer World 24-25 October.......attendees were treated to a bonus surprise appearance when Warwick Kinrade of Forgeworld demonstrated the forthcoming Games Workshop World War II game.

Warwick ran through a game in which a British Battlegroup stormed a German held position in Normandy - the British sector in Normandy being the focus for the rulebook. The game is designed for 20mm figures although it will work equally well in 15mm. Interestingly the game seemed to owe little to the well know Warhammer game system.

The game is still a work in progress with a release date of "next year - hopefully early on" planned. The core rulebook will be supported by further supplements, which will include more army lists and more theatres of war"

The article is accompanied by a photograph of a tall lanky man in desperate need of sun moving a column of Brit tanks up a road into a French village.

From those that witnessed the demonstration - it is based on an old school wargame rule set called "Sandskrieg" from the 1970's.

Bring on something new in 2010.


yorkie said...

This sounds interesting, im looking forward to hearing more about it.

Ive been following the thread on TMP and there are alot of negative responses being posted there, i for one think it can only be good to have GW/Warhammer historical cover WW2. I mean why not eh?


Beccas said...

Lets face Yorkie. Black Powder is a great game but on TMP it gets smashed. You see the same guys pop up on a multitude of forums preaching their views. I never played any of the GW core games but I really enjoy the Warhammer Historical stuff. I have a really good feeling about this WWII set.