Friday, November 21, 2008

Painting Update

It's been a hectic month. My bride, aka the ball and chain, has forced me to paint the en suit, put in new fixings, mulch the garden, clean the pond, clean the shed, and god knows what other future projects lay in store for my tired body. Even despite this awful distraction I have managed to get some painting in. I have nearly finished my heavy Romano-British Cavalry unit, Army General and standard barer. I finished the Battleship Iowa and 6 Farragut class Destroyers, but they still need basing. And I finished 10 more WW1 Western Front Aussies, but they still need basing. And I have started on my 15mm Peter Pig 8th Army figures for Crossfire & Battlefront WWII. They will be early pacific Aussies in Malaya and Timor. I have asked the ball and chain to buy me a 28mm Whippet Tank for Christmas. Please.........

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