Sunday, September 28, 2008

Day 1 as a Blogger

Well, here I am. Day one, first post. Talking to no-one in the vastness of the web. Why did I set up this blog? I don't really know. Maybe to use as motivation to help me paint more figures, maybe to heap praise on my favourite rules and manufactures, maybe because I don't have anything better to do on a Sunday night. We will see how this goes. Wish me luck if you happen to be reading this.


Soapy said...

And so it begins...

Well, you're on my reader list now so I'm expecting big things.;>)

Good luck with your bloggage and I hope you're more frequent than me!

Stay lucky,

pbeccas said...

My god, Soapy the legend is following my blog. The pressure is on now. Many thanks for comments mate. Not sure how frequently I will ramble.