Thursday, December 29, 2011

State of the Blog 2011

The time has come for the annual State of the Blog address.  Where are the years going?


Wargamer Blue blog has had over 10,000 visits from 126 nations in 2011.  Top three visiting nations are the USA, the UK and Australia.  The top non-english speaking nation is Germany.  The most popular post of 2011 was "Best Wargaming Table Ever?"  Just over 1,600 hits. 


Once again I am very fortunate to have some followers of this blog.  165 to be exact.  85 up from 2010.  Many thanks to you all.


The butchers bill!

In 2011 I painted :

37 x 15mm figures

1 x 15mm vehicles/guns/tanks

15 x 28mm figures

19 x Dystopian Wars Items
Total : 81 items
Painting is way down on 2010.  In, fact, it's probably the worse painting year I have ever had.  I believe I have isolated the source of the problem.  The Xbox.   Things will only get worse.  I have joined a clan of work colleagues in Call of Duty.  The good news is figure manufactures did not slump in figure sales as a result of my Call of Duty addiction.  Buying remains at historically high levels.  Especially rule books.  I believe I may have some sort of rule book compulsive purchasing disorder.
Miniature Wargaming increased dramatically in 2011 to it's highest level ever.  I  put this down to expanding my gaming network.  Most played game was Blitzkrieg Commander, followed by Dystopian Wars.  Other games played were Victory at Sea and Disposable Heroes.  I have not included Combat Commander Pacific because it's a boardgame, but bloody hell, it's good.  
Disposable Heroes remains my favourite wargame of all time and I am looking forward to some games of the squad skirmish version called Point Blank in the New Year.  

My favourite miniature release of 2011 were the 28mm Australian 6th Division figures from Harbor Designs in the USA.  The figures were sculpted by Aussie Mike Broadbent.  I bought a platoon worth.  Very nice.

The best new release rules/expansion of 2011?  I am going to have to say Hail Caesar from Warlord Games. 

Disappointment of 2011?  BEF Miniatures closing down.  Warlord Games have bought them out and are releasing all the stuff but its sad to see Crouchy chuck it in.  Top bloke.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare on the Xbox.  Enough said,
If the world does not implode in 2012 I am looking forward to the Star Wars Miniature Wargame being developed by Fantasy Flight Games.  Lets hope it's good.
Blitzkrieg Commander : I will be playing more games and expanding my armies in this truly excellent wargame.
Disposable Heroes Point Blank :  I really want to get into this game.  The appeal of only having to paint a squad of figures to play is massive.
SAGA :  The new game from Gripping Beast looks interesting.  The rule book sold out after a month.  Great reports all over the web.  Only need to paint 30 figures.  Four new faction to be released shortly including the Scots.  I might have a go at painting Tartan in 2012.
Dystopian Wars : More games to play and maybe buy one of the new nations to be released soon.  The Italian States has some appeal.
Combat Commander Pacific:  Sorry to mention a boardgame.  But I want to play more and buy the Mediterranean expansion.  I have a great opponent and that's half the fun.  Thanks Jason for introducing me to the game.
Chance of Gaming ; My favourite Podcast in 2011.  Highlight moment was the great dummy spit of 2011 when Skyler had to record the show on steak night.  I feel sorry for Americans only getting to eat steak once a week.  Anyway, since that pivotal moment in Podcast history the podcast has got a bit dull.  Last two episodes have been boring.  The show is loosing it's miniature focus and is becoming a PC gaming podcast.  Hopefully Adam re-focuses on miniatures once he beats his Battlefield 3 addiction.  Bring back the good stuff.
Meeples and Miniatures :  At number 2 and threatening to knock Chance of Gaming out of the number 1 spot.  Neil is the gentleman of the podcast world.
Historical Wargaming Podcast :  Socal Warhammer re-badged.  The boys are back, kicked Games Workshop to the curb, and are as good as ever.  The show mainly focuses on Ancients wargaming.  Number 3 on my favourites list.
What Would Patton Do :  Great show by three Flames of War fanatics.  Number 4 on the favorites list.
40K Radio :  I hate 40K but I love to listen to this show.  Great hosts, great fun.  Number 5 and climbing.
All Along the Watch Tower :  Another great historical wargaming podcast.  No show for about  2 months now.  Hopefully it will be back.
The award goes to The Angry Lurker blog.  This bloke is everywhere.  Nearly a million followers, posts every other day and comments on every blog he follows.  A legend and the wargaming blog of the year.  Join up now.
2011 was a very frustrating blogging year for me, lead by the breakdown of blogger earlier in the year.  I was finally able to get back on blogger after I learnt of the Google Chrome conspiracy.  I still have occasional problems.  There are a couple of blogs I still can't read because I suspect the owners have upgraded their settings or something along those lines.  My computer may be getting a bit too old.
Thank you all for your comments and your own personal blog posts. Keeps me motivated. Gives me great idea's. And brings the wargaming world closer together.  See you all in 2012.



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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Haul 2011

My most impressive gift and totally unexpected surprise was this 1/30 scale Australian Light Horseman from King and Country figures.  Pre-painted and solid lead.  It's absolutely superb.  Theres a whole lot of them to collect and I immediately got an obsessive bug to buy them all.  That is until I visited the website and saw the price.  At an average of $100.00 per figure, one will do until next Christmas.  King and Country have some nice stuff if your bored and want to do some web surfing.  Check it out.

Second favourite gift and definitely written on my letter to Santa was the 28mm jungle village from Architects of War.  The solid resin buildings with lift off roofs are something worth fighting over on the gaming table.

Next gift is the 15mm Desert fort from Battlefront.  Pre-painted resin.  It's a beauty.

And finally, the gift that I have been waiting for.  Call of Duty MW3.  Time to hit the XBox once I get the in-laws out of my Xbox room (They are staying here for Christmas  -- Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)

Hope you all had equally impressive hauls.  I left the boring stuff off.  Shirts, shorts etc.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011