Saturday, July 31, 2010

Basing Tip

The Vallejo range of basing products was brought to my attention by Legoburner. These 200ml jars contain a textured paste which I can best compare to gritty peanut butter. Once placed on the base (with an old knife - just like spreading peanut butter) the paste dries hard ready for painting and dry brushing. The grey pumice appears best suited to 15mm and 28mm figures. They are a great time saver and one jar will last ages. Well worth a look next time your in your local hobby shop.
Thanks for the tip Legoburner.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Black Powder Ancients Version

A little bit of gossip posted by the great man Rick Priestly on the Warmaster Ancients Yahoo Group.

"Thanks to all who have asked about an ancients version of Black Powder - I'd suggest that anyone interested keep an eye out on the Warlord games forum.

I think I could see myself getting into this. An enjoyable non competive alternative to WAB.

Other news, my 12 year old daughter Emma made the ITN Tennis final at the state tennis centre yesterday. She lost after surrendering a commanding lead half way through the match. A lot of tears after the game but she definitely played a tough player. I am very proud of her. Go Emma.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Belgium FT-17, 37mm Tank

Just finished the first two tank units of my Blitzkrieg Commander Belgium Battle Group. A couple of French made FT-17's with the 37mm Anti-Tank gun. Pretty easy to paint up and nice little models. Tanks are 15mm from Peter Pig Miniatures.