Sunday, October 25, 2009

IABSM Test Game

Things have been quiet on the painting front due to a number of factors including a visit from the in-laws. My painting room doubles as a guest room so I had to put away all my painting stuff and then put it all back again. I am trying to get back to the painting routine.

Guido popped in on Sunday arvo to have another play test of I Ain't Been Shot Mum (IABSM) from Too Fat Lardies. I won't write too much about the game other than the British were trying to force the Germans out of a small village somewhere in France. We each had one tank to try the tank rules. Guido had two British infantry platoons, I had one German infantry platoon. We had a couple of confusing moments that needed extensive rule reading. We were generally happy with the way the game played out. I posted a couple of pics. One of the battlefield with blinds on it as each force maneuvers for control. The second picture is some dead cows that got caught in the crossfire.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Roadtesting - Minature World Maker 28mm Trench

Miniature World Maker (MWM) is a company based in South Australia that produces ready made & straight onto the table terrain. MWM produce terrain in 6mm, 15mm, 28mm and 40mm scales. You can buy anything from haystacks to bombed out factories. The terrain is made with flexible rubber, it comes pre-painted (to a high standard) and it's flocked. I have purchased many items from MWM and as soon as I read on The Miniatures Page they had released a 28mm trench system the credit card got smashed. (Don't tell the wife)

This is what I got :

Front view with a Great War Miniatures WWI Brit for scale. Great War Miniatures are approx 32mm from foot to the top of the helmet.

Side view along the trench. Note the interior detail.

Overhead view. Note the shell holes.

The flex test. How strong is this stuff if you can bend it like this you ask?

I loaded up the trench with three solid house bricks to find out. Total crushing weight 7.5kgs. The trench is still rigid and has not buckled. Now that's tough!
The 28mm trench comes in straight lengths (as above) which is 200mm (8 inches) long, and the interior is 40mm wide. It is available in left and right bends. Each with a total length of 180mm (7 inches).
Straights retail (Aussie Dollars) $16.00, and bends retail for $12.50. Compare those prices to unpainted resin tench systems out there! A more economical trench system pack is also available.
In summary, a great product. Do yourself a favour and buy it. Two thumbs up Miniature World Maker.