Friday, September 18, 2009

Anzac Assault Platoon

The progression towards completing a 1000 point WWI Western Front Australian Battalion took another step closer with the Assault Platoon finished. Based up for Warhammer Historical's The Great War rules, this ten man unit is the tough Assault Platoon. Armed with grenades, gas masks, and pick handles the assault platoon is a unit the Hun fears. In The Great War ruleset 1 man = 3 men so these 10 figures represent 30 men on the miniature battlefield. This unit is my first deviation from Games Workshop slotta bases into wooden bases with magnetic bottoms. I am happy with the results and will base all my 28mm figures like this from now on. Figures are 28mm Great War Miniatures.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Romano-British Sagittari

Closed Formation

Skirmish Formation

A 15 man unit of Sagittari (archers) complete. The Sagittari are handy because they are classed as light troops meaning that they can be used as skirmishers, or form up to fight as light infantry. They are armed with composite bows, swords and bucklers. Figures are 28mm Gripping Beast.